Living in Observatory

Cape Town

Living in Observatory

Observatory is mainly known as a district for young people – students, interns or young professionals. Although it is one of the suburbs of Cape Town, it is has a lot more to offer than one might think. The area nestles at the foot of Devil’s Peak. This means you always have a scenic view of one of Table Mountain’s most famous spots.

To be honest, when I arrived in Obz coming from Cape Town city centre via Salt River, at first sight I was slightly disappointed. The main road seemed a little run down and I couldn’t spot the beautiful facades of the typical Cape Dutch architecture or green areas. But when I went out to have a proper look around, I finally felt at home and happy.

The streets are lined with cute houses in beautiful pastel colours with green front gardens. Walking down the Lower Main Road and exploring the side roads, you’ll find so many things to do and great spots to take photos of a variety of street art and unique buildings.

If you like to spend your time in quaint bookstores or meeting people in charming little cafés, you’ve come to the right place.

And also, if you love shopping in authentic vintage shops, Obz is the place for you. In Observatory, you feel like you’re spotting another cool shop every few meters, each with its own flair. In the last years, I realised it‘s much more fulfilling to buy your clothes in vintage stores. Many people are still reluctant to buy clothes and other things in second-hand shops, but there are many reasons that speak for them.

First, you wear something different that probably no one else has and maybe you also find a new style for you. You’ll land up valuing the things so much more and will always associate them with the cool places you bought them at – like Cape Town. Another really positive side effect – you don’t have to buy anything that was made extra. There’s too much clothing in the world anyway. So why not buy unique pieces and help the environment?

When it comes to the nightlife and restaurants, there is no need to drive downtown to the Waterfront or to Camps Bay to relax or even partake in an exciting evening. Obz offers plenty of opportunities to do something fun. Walking down Lower Main Road, you’ll be hardpressed to find a place you don’t like. Whether you are a sushi lover, crazy about pizza, or a Mexican food fanatic, Obz has you covered with fantastic joints to feast at.

And if you have a talent for Beer Pong or Billiard, head to Stones on Wednesday nights to experience the suburb’s rowdy nightlife – music blaring, drink in hand. For those looking to try their hand at live performances, the trendy and vibrant Trenchtown hosts karaoke evenings on Thursday nights – all while providing a great selection of burgers, pizzas, beers and shooters.

Eva Dickmaenken, Marketing Intern

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