Great News: There will be no Day Zero in 2018 and 2019, and if things continue as they are it could be avoided entirely!


Cape Town is the first city in the world to actively promote water-wise tourism, leading the charge in reducing water use and adapting quickly and efficiently to environmental changes. A severe 3-year drought had locals and tourists alike fearing the worst. Yet with the very real threat of Day Zero looming even over-shadowing Table Mountain itself, Capetonians leapt into action – more than halving the city’s daily water consumption! Working together using a variety of quick fixes, some savvy and some not-so-savvy solutions, the city ultimately developed a grand, city-wide, water-wise master plan for long-term sustainability.

Within the space of a few short months (and a happy helping of rain), Cape Town is set to become most water responsible city in the world! This top tourist destination has even introduced a cutting-edge digital solution for visitors who wish to leave a positive impact even after their stay. But if they are still concerned about visiting and want to be the best water warrior they can be, we’ve gathered the most useful facts, myth busters, blogs, videos, stats and gadgets for your edu-tainment. Equipped with these top tools and tips, we hope to welcome you to the Mother City soon.



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